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The first white tiger to be captured was not, as is often claimed, the famed Mohan. There were several captures and a large number of sightings (and shootings) prior to this. For instance, in one of the earliest records a white tiger was displayed at Exeter Change in 1820.
Shootings were common between 1892 and 1922 in places like Orissa, Upper Assam, Bilaspur, Cooch Behar and Poona. Between the 1920s and 1930s fifteen white tigers were killed in the region of Bihar alone. Some of these trophies were placed on display in the Calcutta Museum. (Incidentally, this is the ninth oldest regular museum in the world).

In 27th of May 1951, Maharajah Martand Singh of Rewa caught a white cub. At the time of capture it was approximately 9-months-old and lived in captivity at the Maharajah's summer palace for another five years. The tiger was then stuffed and sent as a gift to King George V as a sign of India's loyalty to the crown. To this day white tigers are still kept at the Maharajah's summer palace which is located at Govindgarh.

By Harsh varddhan singh

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